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Debbie Baugh
Debbie Baugh

The Green family went for a walk around Bloxwich. The children asked why there was writing on the walls outside the shops. We looked at the logo's of the shops. Most of the children recognised  Wilko and Home Bargains.As we walked around the shops the children looked at the different things and related them to the things they have at home. We looked at the different prices of the items around the shops. A lot of them recognised some numerals of personal significance. The Green family were very proud to visit our local town. 

Parents/Carers were invited to come to nursery to work with Tess , the artist. The children were taught a skill one day then the children became the teacher the next day to teach their Parents/Carers. The were able to choose different resources to create a piece of silk paper. Each piece was an individual masterpiece for each child.