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Sandbank Nursery School

A special place to play and learn

Welcome to Sandbank Playcare


At Sandbank Nursery School children under three receive services in our
Playcare Project. Children can attend the Playcare Project from two years of age.  It is a fee paying service that children may attend from one session a week to full-time.  "Stay and Play" sessions are run for babies and toddlers accompanied by their parent /carer. 


At Sandbank Nursery School, we are inspired by the work of the municipal pre-schools and infant toddler
centres of Reggio Emilia, in Northern Italy.The philosophy of the pre-schools, which we share, is based
on the work of Loris Malaguzzi. 


Loris Malaguzzi believed that        

children have a “100 languages” and ways of expressing themselves.      

He believed like us that the role of the adult is to observe the child       

and stand alongside them taking their interests and needs into account.      

The child is seen as a competent learner,      

rich and powerful and a subject of rights. 


We believe that children learn through their relationships with others and the environment.  This philosophy underpins our practice and influences the ways services are run and organised.  For example children in Playcare belong to a family group with the same familiar key worker.  Parents/carers are asked to stay for the first session to help to settle their child in.  We also ask them to leave familiar objects and comforters. 
Our "Stay and Play" sessions are run by our Family Support Project Leader, who creates an inclusive atmosphere, ensuring all feel welcomed and valued.


The learning environment in all three provisions is of a high quality.  There are clean, safe resources that can be accessed freely by young children so that   
they can make their own choices and decisions.  There are a range of resources    
and experiences offered enabling children to make progress in the Six areas    

of development outlined in the guidance "Early Year Outcomes”.  It is our   

policy to ensure staff are familiar with and trained in this frame work.  
Children’s creative expression, communication, health and social and emotional  
well being is valued and they are encouraged to explore activities and   
resources using all of their senses. 


Parents/carers are viewed as co-educators and their relationship with their child is highly valued.
In "Stay and Play" the Project Leader plans pleasurable learning activities that encourage good parent/child relationships and promote good parental self-esteem. 

Assessment of children’s development on admission to Playcare is recorded by the parent/carer and member of staff together.  Photographic evidence and written observations of the child are shared with the parent/carer at regular termly consultations.  This documentation or "learning journey" is taken home by the child, when they leave Playcare, or is passed through to nursery when the child is moving on.