Elmore Row, Walsall, West Midlands, WS3 2HR

01922 710 132



Sandbank Nursery School

A special place to play and learn

Spaces for Play and Discovery


Organisation of Nursery
  • 1 HLTA
  • 1 Teacher
  • 5 F.T.E nursery nurses each responsible for a family group
  • 5 family groups of 13 children am & pm
  • 5 interconnecting rooms
  • 1 outdoor classroom

Organisation of space

Each room has a theme, physical development, knowledge and understanding, creative, mathematics computers and writing and home and social. There are books in all rooms



Organisation of time
•Each family group meets in their base room for fifteen minutes at the start of each session
•Staff move around the four rooms through the week
•Children choose to work with their key worker and/or move around the whole space
•Out door classroom opens for 1 hour
•Snack is shared with their family group within the session
•Children meet back in their family group for story and activities at the end of the session