Elmore Row, Walsall, West Midlands, WS3 2HR

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Sandbank Nursery School

A special place to play and learn

Mathematics,Computers and writing

  Communication,Language and Literacy

We look to a wide range of opportunities to support children in communicating, speaking, listening

It's about children becoming communicators, using language to imagine and create roles & experiences, to support children to clarify their thinking and ideas. We want help children build an understanding and enjoyment of stories, books and rhymes. Children need to develop the ability to distinguish between sounds and become familiar with rhyme, rhythm and alliteration.
We wholly support children's mark making which forms the basis of recognisable letters.

Mathematical  Development 

Mathematical understanding is developed through stories, songs, games, and imaginative play so that children enjoy using and experimenting with numbers, shape, space, measures and calculating.